What does Lasting Literacy Solutions do?

Private Tutoring & Diagnostic Services
  • Tailored reading and writing instruction to ensure ongoing progress and grade level reading and writing proficiency
  • Targeted reading and writing intervention
    • Specialized instruction to address specific literacy learning difficulties preventing adequate progress and grade level performance
  • Diagnosis of literacy learning difficulties and recommendations for next steps to improve reading and writing
  • Partnership with caregivers to advocate for supports within school settings
    • review school provided literacy assessment results and goals/accommodations within Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) to a
    • discuss concerns about student’s progress and instruction within school

Partner with educational administrators (principals, superintendents, curriculum coordinators, directors, etc.) to support decision-making in literacy instruction, assessment, and other related areas

Professional Development

Develop and facilitate in-person and online professional learning for educators (teachers, specialists, administrators, etc.) in literacy instruction, assessment, and other related areas