Past & Recent Teaching
  • K-5 students with mild-moderate special needs (i.e. learning disabilities including dyslexia and language comprehension disabilities; ADD/ADHD; high-functioning autism)
  • Students below grade level in literacy (i.e. AIS, Tier 2, Title 1)
  • Undergraduate (Sophomore – Senior level literacy methods courses, including student teaching supervision)
  • Graduate (Literacy Specialist candidates – diagnosis, intervention, content area literacy, clinical practicum)
Recent Consulting
  • Collaboratively developed literacy assessment framework for elementary schools designating which assessments are to be administered, when, to whom, and by whom throughout the school year
  • Collaboratively revised local early literacy assessments
  • “Rebalanced” district balanced literacy program
  • Collaboratively revised district’s Response to Intervention (RTI/MTSS) plan including developing district handbook for RTI
  • Advised committee review and acquisition of district-wide literacy curriculum and assessments
  • Advised committee development of elementary literacy curriculum scope & sequence
Recent Professional Development
  • Literacy assessment administration (oral reading, fluency, phonics, reading comprehension, spelling)
  • Analysis and use of literacy assessment results
  • Balanced literacy practices & framework
  • Wilson Fundations
  • Words Their Way
  • Fountas & Pinnell Phonics
  • Literacy curriculum analysis
  • Response to Intervention
  • Collaborative Data Inquiry
Professional Presenting
  • Association of Literacy Educators and Researchers
  • New York State Reading Association
  • International Literacy Association
Research & Scholarship

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