About the Company

Mission Statement

Lasting Literacy Solutions provides in-person and online guidance and professional development to improve literacy achievement and bring about continuous growth essential to life-long learning and success. To accomplish this, I am dedicated to cultivating the trusting and enduring relationships with educators, families, and students that are critical to this work.  I understand the complexity of literacy learning in children, adolescents, adults, and educational organizations; therefore, I strive to develop tailored solutions that are responsive to my clients’ needs. 

Why was the company created?

My experiences as a parent and an elementary educator, professor, researcher, and consultant revealed enumerable challenges in literacy education and yet few reliable resources to handle these complex problems.  I’ve developed Lasting Literacy Solutions to address the challenges that resurface over and over again for educators, families, and students. The most pervasive and prominent of these challenges:

  • Children and adolescents need and deserve (more) educators who are very knowledgeable about literacy learning and development.
  • Educators need and deserve effective professional development that reflects what research has shown leads to lasting improvements in teaching and learning.  Effective professional development…
    • aligns with teachers’ needs and contexts
    • has a long-term focus that thoroughly addresses the content (not “one and done” or “a mile wide and an inch deep”)
    • is participative and collaborative in nature
    • includes opportunities for implementation, reflection, and feedback
    • is facilitated by knowledgeable and experienced professionals
  • Literacy learning is complex, especially for students who experience difficulties. When families and educators receive professional support to understand and address these complexities, lives are changed forever.